A serious, qualified, multicultural and dynamic team offering services to companies and private individuals domiciled in Switzerland or abroad. Whatever is the extent of your wealth, Phi Fiduciary helps you develop your economic and financial potential in an optimal way.

We are also specialized in all types of cross-border services in French, English, German, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.


  • Do you have questions about your legal structure?
  • Do you need a timely and efficient administrative follow up?
  • Do you have treasury issues and believe that a review of your invoicing system is necessary?
  • Is your compensation scheme attractive?
  • You are growing and things are getting slowly out of control?


  • You are thinking about your retirement?
  • You would like to optimize your future tax bills?
  • You are seeking to structure your wealth to have quickly a clear and precise view of it?
  • You have planned to make an investment and need advice?
  • You are afraid of the financial situation of the European Union?


  • You would like to create your own company?
  • The current legal structure doesn’t fit your needs anymore?
  • You are multipying your activities and you are thinking about a better legal structure to optimize your risk?
  • You are looking for an analysis of one of your current or future projects?


  • You are looking for a marketing strategy for one of your products?
  • You need a scientific report to distribute one of your products in Switzerland and/or Europe?
  • You would like to optimize your operational process?
  • You are looking for tools that can help you in your decision-making process?

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